Infographic: How Colors Affect Conversions


Grab your designer and sit them down for this one. Color is a subtle beast. Get the right color scheme down, and you could hit the jackpot. Get it wrong, and you might turn a huge chunk of visitors off. Or even worse, they may not notice your call-to-action. And with an almost limitless amount of color combinations to test, it’s virtually impossible to A/B test your way to the most optimal combination. So what do you do? Your best shot is trust your designer’s instinct. Or at least have he or she determine your testing hypotheses if you’re going…

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Ancient Rhetoric for the Modern Persuader: How to Argue for Conversions

Here’s a common phrase that perhaps you’re familiar with: “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” As an optimizer, you’re in the business of arguing. You’re constantly arguing with your visitors about whether they should leave their email or not, buy something or not. Improving your argument, even just a little bit, can have a […]

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The Five Minute Guide to Installing Google Tag Manager


Marketing campaigns live and die by data. One of the recent campaigns I was managing drove me to open up my analytics report every hour. (Holiday season, anyone?) Data can be numbing, but it’s also necessary. Without data, there’s no way to easily determine the health of a campaign. As a marketer, the more data you have at your disposal, and the easier it is to manage data, the easier your job is. Unfortunately, the more tracking and optimization tags you add to the site, the more you have to deal with code bloat. That’s why I want to introduce…

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The Crazy Egg Guide to YouTube Advertising

crazy egg guide to YouTube advertising

With over one billion users, it’s fair to say that your target market can be found on YouTube. While you can use organic methods to reach your target audience on the platform, you might not have the time or patience to do so. As a result, you might be interested in how you can use YouTube Ads, to shortcut the process of engaging with potential customers while they’re using YouTube. In this guide, we’re going to examine the steps that you need to take if you want to get great results from running some YouTube Ads of your own. We’ll…

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Glossary: Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Marketing Automation is a tool, or a suite of tools, that enables the automation of repetitive tasks across several channels. This includes email marketing, social media, customer segmentation, A/B testing and website personalization. Using an all-in-one tool, or a stack of several marketing tools together, marketers can automate several activities to scale their efforts and focus on more hands-on initiatives. The Benefits of Marketing Automation Marketing automation allows businesses, both small and large alike, to run complex marketing activities with limited resources. It’s a huge time saver, allowing marketers to set up campaigns long before they need to be executed….

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Keep your customers from cheating on you

The more you know about your customers, the less chance they’ll go to a competitor.  This white paper from Vision Critical will provide the road-map. Learn how you can: demonstrate your authenticity. uncover hidden, but important truths about your customers. inject timely customer feedback into your product innovation cycle. create more detailed maps of the […]